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Year 10 students are reaching an age where they need to start thinking about their longer term futures. They’ve started this by choosing (I)GCSE options and studying in areas that interest them, and the next step is an introduction to the world of work.

They will complete a Work Experience Programme during our whole school Activities Week from Monday 11 June to Friday 15 June. During this time, students will join a company in Shanghai to learn more about its operations and roles of the employees.

What is work experience?

Students will spend one week with a company to gain a valuable insight into the world of work through hands-on experience. Students will be given appropriate tasks and projects to work on during the week as well as a chance to observe the company’s employees in their roles.

View the presentation from the Information Evening.

It is a fantastic opportunity for students to find out more about a particular job/career within a professional setting. It is a chance for students to develop key skills such as working with others, using their initiative and acting responsibly. Work experience may also help students to make important decisions about their own future subject and career options. Work experience is a vital part of your son or daughter’s education and we expect all students to participate.

What do parents need to do?

Finding a suitable company/organisation is essential to the programme.  It is vital that students complete their work experience in a safe and productive environment.   Your help with this is much appreciated.

Parents and students will be responsible for finding a placement. This is an ideal opportunity for students to be involved in taking responsibility for their own workplace choice.

Once you have found a company who agrees to offer work experience to your son/daughter, please complete the online form by Friday 23 March. We will then contact the company directly to make all of the arrangements. To ensure that the students get the most out of the experience, we ask that they do not work directly with their own parents.

Work Experience Programme information for companies.

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