House System

Our House System helps to develop children’s social awareness and a sense of pride in working as part of a team. The house system promotes a positive attitude towards discipline and encourages a competitive nature in which children can strive. Our House Points System is one of our many ways of recognising positive behaviour choices and success at school.

  By working as part of a team, our students are learning:

  • Individual and Collective responsibility;
  • Positive behaviour, thoughtfulness and respect;
  • Shared aims and goals;
  • Collaboration, teamwork and co-operation;
  • Positive attitude to school and others;
  • Effort and application;
  • Participation in competitions;
  • Growth in self esteem;
  • Integration.

Our Houses

When joining BISS Puxi Primary,  each child joins on of our four houses. During House events and competitions, the children will wear a school t-shirt  in the colour of their House.

Please click here to download a PDF version of our House System policy

Our House Captains

In Year Six, additional responsibilities are given to the children to help foster their leadership skills and growing sense of responsibility. One of these roles is that of House Captain. These are very important roles within our school community the children have to apply and go through a full selection process to be considered for the posts.

House Captains are expected to set an example to younger children, to embody the schools ‘Values for Life’ and to contribute to the wider community.

They should also help the younger children, both in the classroom and at playtimes. They play a pivotal role in special days and themed weeks, assisting the staff in their planned activities. They also support the Head  Teacher with school events. One of their favourite jobs is showing visitors around our wonderful school.

Please see our school website, parent portal or school notice board for information on our current House Captains.

House Competitions

We have many House competitions throughout the year and we’re always looking to find new and interesting ways to get our House teams together.

Typical House competitions include:

  • Sports Day
  • Art projects
  • STEAM challenges
  • Global Campus challenges

House competitions give our students a chance to work with peers from different classes and year groups. They also encourage both healthy competition and collegiate team-work.

House Points

House Points can be awarded by all staff to children for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Polite, well mannered behaviour.
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers.
  • Working to the best of their ability.
  • Putting special effort into a piece of work.
  • Neatly presented work.
  • Improvement in handwriting.
  • Positive attitude towards work.
  • Sporting achievement.
  • Taking part in competitions and events.
  • Helpful approaches to different situations and people.

House points also link to our class Dojo award system (please see our BISS Behaviour Policy for more information about this).

Every week, house points are counted by our House Captains who visit the foyer and the Early Years department to collect the House Point Chips which are  collected in jars throughout the week.

The winning house is revealed during our Assembly every week and added to the house points chart. House points are then tallied over the course of a term, a winner is announced, and the children in that house are rewarded with a special event or treat. You can find out who our winning team is each week by looking at our parent portal.

At the end of the year, once all house points are tallied, the House Champions will be announced. The winning house will be awarded their ribbons on the House Cup.

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