Parent Satisfaction Survey

We are delighted to share the outcome of the parents’ survey 2017/18 with you. The survey is our commitment to listening carefully to your feedback so that we can improve our offer to your and your children even further.

We have worked hard to address the issues you raised last year and have experienced great success in many areas. However, we are committed to going even further and this year’s results help us to focus our developments keenly on the areas that matter most to you.

Top three statements with the highest increase since last year:

  • + Satisfaction with IT teaching facilities.(+7%)
  • + Satisfaction with library and research facilities.(+4%)
  • + Satisfaction with school meals.(+4%)

Top three statements with the largest decrease since last year:

  • + My child has/children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sport.(-7%)
  • + The school helps me understand how best to support my child’s/children’s learning.(-6%)
  • + My child is/children are encouraged to be ambitious at school.(-6%)

Top three highest rated statements this year:

  • + Satisfaction with classroom.(95%)
  • + Look and feel of buildings and facilities.(94%)
  • + My child feels/children feel safe at school.(95%)

Top three lowest rated statements this year:

  • + Satisfaction with school meals.(48%)
  • + The school contacts me to tell me about my child’s/children’s successes outside of academic progress.(50%)
  • + Satisfaction with school bus service.(51%)

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