Juilliard Drama Specialist: Nicholas Mahmat

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In late May, we were proud to welcome Nicholas Mahmat to our school. Nicholas is a set designer based in New York and will be providing his expertise as part of the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme.

In 2019, our school, together with other nine other Nord Anglia schools, will start to roll out the Drama programme designed by the Juilliard team. Nicholas will join us at various points throughout the year to train the staff and conduct a series of workshops for our students.

Click here to view a selection of pictures from the workshop!

In this first visit we had the pleasure to introduce some of our Year 7 students to one of the core work activities, Traditions of the Theatrical ClownPlayful Partnerships. The students worked in pairs presenting tricks and stunts and performing their mini scenes to the whole class. The discovery of one’s clown is a lifetime endeavour, and every encounter with another clown is an opportunity to get to know your own clown’s personality through its actions and reactions.

It was fascinating to see how Nicholas took our attentive students on this process of discovery where fun and pleasure are paramount. This was the first of many exciting adventures our students will no doubt experience in the coming years as we embark on this great collaboration. Nord Anglia is investing in our students’ future as global citizens capable of engaging with and appreciating the Performing Arts.

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