Safeguarding: Health and Safety Notice

We are having increasing numbers of parents and carers accessing teaching and learning areas of the school at times when these areas are restricted to visitors. I would like to reinforce the rules and the reasoning behind why we do not allow this and subsequently have to challenge people who are in the school.


Firstly, ‘Health & Safety’ (i.e. in case of a fire or emergency evacuation) regulations require us to know who is on the school premises at all times. We understand that at the very beginning and end of the day, this is made difficult by the volume of people so we have changed our procedures to account for this. However, these procedures only account for the short period around drop-off and pick-up times.


Secondly, Safeguarding/Child Protection policies and procedures place a duty on me to protect ALL children in our care at ALL times. This means that parents and visitors cannot have unchallenged access to the parts of the school where they are likely to encounter unaccompanied children. This puts both the children and the parents at significant risk.


Other than the normal drop-off and pick-up times, ALL visitors to the Primary School must access the building through the main doors. Please do not use the side entrances or doors to corridors. Please co-operate in not going beyond the reception desk and coffee shop area without speaking to the front reception staff first and please do not take photographs of children on the premises without the express permission of a member of staff.


Parents should also be advised NEVER to enter a pupil toilet, even when accompanying your own child.


We are at BISS, a very open and welcoming school community. We like to involve parents in as much of school life as possible, provide may opportunities for parents to be involved and have numerous ways for parents to communicate with both teachers and leaders across the school. However, these regulations are vitally important so I would like to take to opportunity to thank you for your co-operation in adhering to them.


Jared Nolan, Head of Primary

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